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Real-time UX data of your own visitors. Use our monitoring to improve your website or shops' site speed, SEO, bounce & increase revenue.

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Real user monitoring, the key to understanding your users' experience

  • Observe & analyze

    No guesswork, track all your pages & templates

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  • Improve UX

    Essential solution for (eCommerce) websites who want happy users.

    • Easily spot quickwins & bottlenecks
    • Monitor releases by making an annotation, and see if your users' UX improved
    • Compare the pagespeed and UX of up to 15 competitors

    Monthly fees begin at €95

  • Easy setup

    Real user insights within minutes, GDPR proof and without PII

    • No need for coding or custom queries
    • Simply add our snippet into your GTM/head
    • Dashboards for developers, product owners & SEO

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"We strongly recommend that sites set up their own real-user monitoring."

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Features that give you instant insights

We track all pageviews and allow unlimited users. Make data-driven decisions, get actionable insights, and improve visitor experience with our real user monitoring (RUM) features!

All our real-time site speed monitoring features

Free site speed UX tools

Our mission is to provide everyone with insights into their actual users' experiences, start improving pagespeed performance and stop them from using Lighthouse as a measurement of real UX. Powered by Google CruX, we provide you with two free tools to view your Core Web Vitals data, as well as INP, TTFB, and FID. The downside: it's data is only collected on Chrome visitors' and always 28 days behind (Which is why we also offer Real-time User Monitoring😉).

There is no coding, API, snippet, or need to sign up. Enter your domain to get a UX score or historical CWV.

  • Free UX score checker

    • 0 to 100 UX score on your website's performance
    • Based on your real users' experience
    • 3 Core Web Vitals & 3 other pagespeed metrics
    • Explanation & advice per metric
    • Insights from users on all browsers over the last 28 days

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  • Core Web Vitals history

    • 6 month historical data of your Core Web Vitals
    • Insights per metric and per device type
    • Are you regressing, improving or staying stable?
    • Clear timeline, updated once a week
    • Insights per page type (template)

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Take a look at our RUM dashboarding

RUMvision's user-friendly interface, mobile compatibility, and simple setup without coding or writing queries make it a popular choice for optimizing website speed and UX. Users particularly love the clear dashboarding and numerous dimensions and insights that provide quick wins and issue identification in minutes. But don't just take their or our word for it, try it out yourself!

Check out our live demo! Or check out the screenshots below

  • Ideal for Product Owners

    Get to know your audience

    The dashboard to keep tabs on what your real visitors are really experiencing on your website:

    • (First-) user experience score to track overall website performance
    • Competitor progress monitoring for staying ahead
    • Simple analysis of metrics and dimensions to optimize page speed for each template
    • Visitor footprint exploration by device, internet speed, country, and ad traffic
  • Compare & win

    Be faster than your competition

    Monitor the performance of up to 15 of your competitors':

    • Compare your CWV with your competitors with a minimum history of 6 months
    • Identify the pagespeed challenges for both your website and your competitors'
    • Optimize your website speed to improve SEO and provide a better user experience for your visitors
  • Real time CWV data for SEO experts

    Get actionable insights

    Take a look at your metric table and see which templates or URL's are ready for optimization.

    • Set KPI's per template or any other metric
    • See where the biggest optimization possibilities are
    • Quick overview on Core Web Vitals data, including INP!
  • Deep-dive for developers

    Custom metrics and dimensions

    Find out what element on a specific template need optimizations

    • What elements need optimization?
    • Any plugins causing layout shift or interaction delay?
    • 35+ filters on the metrics to find out what needs pagespeed improvement


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