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For good performance, you need the right mindset, data, and monitoring. We provide everything to bring you up to speed.

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Understanding the value of site speed

  • Monitoring

    When you just want real-time Core Web Vitals data.

    • No 28 day delay compared to CrUX data
    • Alerts when things change
    • Accessible solution for all businesses
  • Analyzing

    Go beyond CWV, and deep dive into the site speed experience.

    • Analyze experiences in different dimensions
    • 35 dimensions and 27 site speed metrics
    • Enjoy some quick wins along the way
  • Consulting

    Put site speed in its highest gear to achieve the most

    • We audit pages for improvements
    • Train your developers so they get the right mindset
    • Keeping track together using our RUM solution

Pricing starts at just 27 euro's per month - free 14 day trial - no creditcard required

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  • Why RUMvision

    The benefits of a real user monitoring tool are numerous

    We're here to help you along the site speed journey by answering your questions, guiding your optimization efforts, and establishing a site speed culture for your team.

    • Site speed data of your own users
    • See the impact of your deployments instantly
    • Understanding the value of site speed
  • Achieve your goals and ambitions

    Make site speed part of your performance process

    Our solution includes improvement goals, real-time monitoring, and alerts when things change.

    • Deep dive into data with advanced filtering and identify bottlenecks
    • Consulting within reach
    • Custom alerts to act on when it’s necessary
  • Become an expert

    Get yourself the most top-notch tool for the job

    Understand how users are experiencing your site's speed so you can spot and fix any performance issues.

    • See how your international traffic experiences your site
    • Understand and prioritize what to fix
    • Elevate your percentile to give even more users a good experience

The data provided by Chrome User Experience Report offers a quick way to assess the performance of sites, but it does not provide the detailed, per-pageview telemetry that is often necessary to accurately diagnose, monitor, and quickly react to regressions.

As a result, we strongly recommend that sites set up their own real-user monitoring.

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