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"We strongly recommend that sites set up their own real-user monitoring."

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RUMvision's free site speed UX tools

We offer two free solutions to monitor your current and historical Core Web Vitals using Google Chrome browsing data. We also track your progress. However, it's always 28 days behind.

  • UX score checker

    Ready to face your Core Web Vitals and 3 other pagespeed metrics within one click?

  • Core Web Vitals history

    Get 6 months of Core Web Vitals history per week, including 3 other pagespeed metrics.

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  • Real user monitoring, instant insights

    Insights on pagespeed that you need to know

    Understand how your audience is experiencing your website

    • (First) User Experience score
    • Quick overview in how your competitors are performing
    • Metrics and dimensions for pagespeed optimizations per template
  • Be faster than your competitors

    Be faster than your competition

    Track the pagespeed advancements of your competitors to make sure your website is faster

    • Core Web Vitals data of your competitors
    • Historical data up to 6 months back
    • Check your competitors progress over time
  • Real time UX insights

    Get actionable insights

    Take a look at your metric table and see which templates or URL's are ready for optimization.

    • Set KPI's per template or any other metric
    • See where the biggest optimization possibilities are
    • Quick overview on Core Web Vitals data
  • Custom metrics and dimensions

    Deep-dive for developers

    Find out what element on a specific template need optimizations

    • What elements do need optimization?
    • Any plugins causing layout shift or interaction delay?
    • 30+ filters on the metrics to find out what needs pagespeed improvement


Monitoring and analyzing features

  • User experience score

    Get a single number that represents how your user is experiencing your website or a certain metric.

  • First User Experience

    Core Web Vitals and other metrics based on unique pageviews only, this score indicates what the first unique visitor experiences.

  • Visitor footprint

    How fast is your user's mobile, internet speed, pageview type, and how many visitors come in through an ad?

  • Core Web Vitals

    See how all your pages score on the Core Web Vitals for different users.

  • Core Web Vitals timeline

    Something adjusted in your code? See immediately if there are any improvements on your Core Web Vitals.

  • Metrics table

    Easy and quick insights into pagespeed trends on your website.

  • Advanced filtering

    Use custom metrics and dimensions to find pagespeed optimizations.

  • Cross filtering

    Suddenly bad Core Web Vitals? Find out if it's because of someone's Internet speed or even a particular browser.

  • Track competitors

    What is your competitor's UX score and are you the fastest in your segment?

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