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for realuser monitoring

Real User Monitoring and improving site speed within your organisation isn't a one-man-show. That applies to our team as well!

Meet our team


We are here to back you up as you work toward
increasing site speed

Developed by experts

RUMvision was made with 1 clear goal in mind: to give your company all the necessary data to take site speed seriously.

50+ years in e-commerce

Our team is made up of marketers, technical SEO, product owners, pagespeed consultants, and developers.

Always happy to help

We believe that a small team people who know your business are best. We are in your corner to help you speed up!

Our team

  • Karlijn Löwik

    General Director / CEO

    As General Director, I'll be in touch with you about onboarding, finances, questions and legal issues. I have extensive experience in the field of information technology, as COO and projectmanager in websites and webapplications.

    I'm also in charge of job applications. Please contact me if you are interested in joining our small but passionate team!

  • Roderik Derksen

    Commercial director

    As the commercial director, you will frequently hear from me during the onboarding process. I have over 15 years of experience as an independent marketer with SEO, SEA, and marketing strategies. My background is in business development.

    I'm also in charge of RUMvision partnerships. Please contact me if you are a development agency, marketing agency or a site speed consultant.

  • Erwin Hofman

    CTO & Pagespeed expert, GDE

    As CTO, I help solve technical problems. If you're having trouble with site speed, this can be in a consulting role. I am also in charge of fixing bugs and coming up with new features.

    For the past 18 years I've been a full-stack developer. The last 5 years I've also been a page speed consultant for e-commerce. Insights gathered in both roles have resulted in RUMvision.

  • Jordy Scholing

    Customer success & Google Developer Expert

    When you first start using RUMvision, I am usually your first point of contact. I assist you with onboarding and questions. I'm also very active with writing blogs, marketing and sharing knowledge about page speed and consultancy.

    I enjoy engaging with people who are just starting out in performance, so feel free to reach out!

  • Johan Jorritsma


    As a front-end developer, I like making websites that load quickly, are easy to use, and don't have to compromise on design. I code in CSS, HTML, and JS, and I make the templates RUMvision needs to tell you our story.

    I mostly work as a front-end developer for Blue 2 Blond ( Erwin and Karlijns webagency).

  • Robert Silos


    I'm a full-stack developer, and help with API connections, integrations, coding and front-end challenges that also require some backend knowledge.

  • Lizet de Blecourt

    Content Marketeer

  • You?

    Vacancy site speed consultant

    We're looking for an extra consultant who is willing to provide site speed advice to our merchants. Do you have experience with front-end development or technical SEO? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

  • Or you?

    Senior back-end developer

    Do you have 5+ years of experience with PHP, MySQL, and, ideally, some front-end experience? We're looking for someone who can assist us in speeding up our roadmap. Are you interested in collaborating with us? Please contact us immediately!