Compare your competitors Core Web Vitals

Summary: New free tool alert! You can now compare multiple websites Core Web Vitals with each other, for free! We made a nice start by comparing some different industries.

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Compare your competitors Core Web Vitals

Benchmarking Core Web Vitals per industry

This new free Core Web Vitals tool allows you to compare up to five domains at once. For this data, we use the CrUX API. Each domain (with enough traffic) will receive an LCP, INP, CLS, FCP, and TTFB rating. By combining this and doing some math, each domain receives a UX score; if you want to learn how this is calculated, read this blog.

From the dropdown you can navigate to our other tools, like our Core Web Vitals history checker or Google Pagespeed Insights, which uses the same dataset.

core web vitals tool

You can also get a line with all your competitors on it to see who's the fastest without having to look at all the values! Just click on a metric and see what happens. In this case Aston Martin is closest to the finish line, well done Alonso.

πŸ§€ Dutch Retail

As a Dutch company, we prefer to keep an eye on our own market. And it could be improved. We can't say anything about, which is also the largest in the Netherlands in terms of revenue. Those Core Web Vitals are really good. The Dutch retail market would benefit from improving Interaction to Next Paint (INP).

If we're going to look at the pagespeed score of we see something else... which does NOT correlate with actual user experience. As their UX score is 97%, which is impressive.

Compare Dutch pagespeed score

dutch retail core web vitals

πŸ‘š Fashion brands

There are endless options for where to buy a new sweater or hoodie, but if you're in a hurry, Zalando is the one that will serve you the fastest and most likely without frustration.

The same happens here, the fastest site within the 5 competitors has a pagespeed score of 24?! But a real user experience score of 97%.

Compare fashion brands

zalando pagespeed score

fashion brands core web vitals

🏨 Booking sites

For this one it gets more interesting, as lot of booking sites try to offer the best deal. Are you willing to wait a few seconds longer and get annoyed by layout shifts for a lower price? I will... Although none of theme is meeting the Core Web Vitals thresholds.

Compare booking sites

booking sites core web vitals

🏎️ Formula 1 teams

On the track, they are (mostly) fast, but what about their online presence? Red Bull Racing does not appear to be a frontrunner there, which is a nice change.

Compare F1 teams

Core Web Vitals f1 teams

The benefits of tracking your competitors in RUMvision

Want to constantly keep collecting the latest CrUX data from your competitors? Then you can create an account in RUMvision. In the tool itself, we retrieve the last 6 months of Core Web Vitals via the CrUX history API. From there on, we will save it up to 12 months. Please note that this data:

  • Is delayed
  • Only based on (logged in) Google Chrome users
  • Is only the data from the whole site (origin) or the homepage
  • Only on the 75th percentile, don't you want more than 75% of the users to have a good UX?
  • And has blind spots compared to RUM data

Competitor timeline view

In addition to the historical view via a bar chart you also get to see it on a timeline, this visualizes improvements and regressions of you and your competitors even better.

core web vitals competitors

Detailed view per domain

For a deep-dive on a domain you can use the detailed view. This way you get an even better understandig of your own Core Web Vitals.

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Going RUM!

Want to address all of the above while also learning which third parties or elements on your website are causing issues for the LCP, INP, and CLS, for example? Then you can use RUMvision or book a demo with one of our experts that can help you. This saves a significant amount of debugging time and provides a complete picture of how your website is perceived in terms of Core Web Vitals by your visitors.

We can't track your competitors real user monitoring data.

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