Elgentos's secret to keeping client websites fast

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Elgentos's secret to keeping client websites fast

Elgentos Ecommerce Solutions

Elgentos is an Ecommerce agency that focuses on building webshops with Magento 2. They can take care of the entire webshop construction process for you. Wireframing, design, product import, and links with third-party systems. But for now, we will focus on the performance part and how Elgentos and RUMvision entered into a partnership!

How Elgentos and RUMvision came together

A great first step is that we are both in the same city, which is Groningen. The only major city in the north of the Netherlands. Where both teams have years of experience, you know each other through LinkedIn and hearsay because you are practically around the corner from each other. RUMvision is a tool that is especially suitable for e-commerce who regularly make changes to their websites. And this is something Elgentos certainly does.

Performance orientated

We at RUMvision are purely focused on a website's performance and Core Web Vitals. We also come by a large number of websites and agencies where we are secretly curious about how fast their websites are. Such is the case with Elgentos. Where their websites passed the Core Web Vitals and the performance is far above average, we thought we could add value. After all, you also want to continue to guarantee a fast website for your customers.

Every website has to deal with external factors and ongoing developments of, for example, modules, plugins, and features. Each of these can in turn have an impact on pagespeed. With the insights Google offers, you only know 28 days later whether this is the case, whereas RUMvision shows this immediately after the website has seen traffic.

Elgentos uses RUMvision for all their clients

Elgentos connected RUMvision to all their customers, they were able to do this in one fell swoop through the Magento 2 module they created. The module can also be used by other agencies that are using Magento 2 and RUMvision. This way you only have to enter the tracking ID, so we're pretty happy to have this option as well. Regular expressions and CSS selectors can be used to determine which templates the client and elgentos want to track. So it couldn't be easier.

What value does Elgentos get out of it?

When elgentos delivers a website, it is of high quality and therefore fast. But as more people engage with the website, for example, marketing, you soon have new challenges. For example, think of new campaigns with lots of unique visitors. Because of things like this, pagespeed is not something that is fixed but always moving.

RUMvision's dashboards make it easy to monitor a website's day-to-day pagespeed. If there is a deterioration in the data, it can also be analyzed and worked toward a solution. When a website goes live, RUMvision can also be used to extract the still pain points. From there, it is often monitored when a deployment is done using a roadmap.

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