How many pageviews do you need for pagespeed monitoring?

Summary: We get this question quite a lot. And rightfully so. If you started monitoring, then you might be ahead of your competition already. But now you want to draw conclusions from recent deploys as well. But how many pageviews do you need?

How many pageviews do you need for pagespeed monitoring?

How many page views does Google Core Web Vitals use?

Google uses 500 page views per month as a lower limit. This is evident from the analytics of some of our websites. Good to know is that Core Web Vitals are only based on Google Chrome, the data is shown per device and it's used for SEO.

What is RUMvision’s minimum?

Good news: we don’t have a minimum. You get to see every tracked pageview, without a delay. But this doesn’t mean it’s safe to make conclusions right away. But if Google uses 500, then that should be safe to use, right? And that goal becomes easier knowing that RUMvision will track more browsers than just Google Chrome. For example, other Chromium browsers such as Opera and Edge also support the Core Web Vitals metrics.

This means that instead of 500 Google Chrome pageviews, you'll need 500 Chromium pageviews. So, a combination of multiple browsers. But our monitoring and its dimensions are more nuanced than Core Web Vitals. So the real answer to the question of how many pageviews you need also becomes more nuanced.

What we advise

However, if you are putting smaller changes live piece by piece and want to draw conclusions faster, then more data will also help you draw those conclusions faster. For example, if you want to draw conclusions within a day, you'll need 500 Chromium pageviews.

If you're going to deploy every week, you have the risk that the results of the second deployment will make the results of the first deployment invisible, or even influence them negatively. In that case, you'll need 500 pageviews per week.


This leads us to a more conclusive answer or rule of thumb regarding the number of necessary pageviews when monitoring your pagespeed. We recommend having at least 500 pageviews since your latest deploys and within the number of days after which you want to be able to draw a safe conclusion.

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