Talk: Hyvä fixes all my Magento pagespeed issues, right?

Summary: Let's talk! The state of Magento's pagespeed and Core Web Vitals in 2024. The issues we resolved, the difficulties we still encounter, and the mistakes we want to avoid that could hurt UX and conversion rates.

Talk: Hyvä fixes all my Magento pagespeed issues, right?

RUMvision at Meet Magento NL

We are a technical partner of Hyvä, which is the most popular theme on Magento Open Source. Known to be super fast and developer friendly, they are a great solution for merchants who want to use Magento 2, but without PWA. Our CEO Karlijn Löwik was asked to give a talk on the business track of Meet Magento 2023 in Amsterdam, to talk about performance in the Magento community going into 2024.

Here are the things she discussed. Rather get a recap in text, see below.

Meet magento talk:

  • 00:00 What is performance?
  • 00:38 Why should you care about performance?
  • 02:12 Why is performance still an issue today?
  • 03:00 What are Core Web Vitals?
  • 04:11 What is Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)?
  • 05:08 What is Interaction to Next Paint (INP)?
  • 05:56 What is Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)?
  • 06:49 Why PageSpeed Score is worthless
  • 08:34 Why are we happy about Hyvä!
  • 10:09 Hyvä is not a silver bullet!
  • 13:01 Overcome CWV limitations with RUMvision
  • 15:34 Three reasons why you need real time data as a merchant
  • 17:44 How to ensure the best user experience for your users!
  • 19:51 Javascript: the enemy of a good INP score!
  • 22:00 Conclusion: Bad performance costs you money!



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