New knowledge base live - your one way stop to RUMvision mastery ๐Ÿ“„

Summary: With many features come many explanations, and we've outgrown our simple FAQ module. Allow us to guide you through our new knowledge base, which includes extensive assistance in getting the most out of RUMvision. From getting started, to video's, to deepdiving into the filters, we've got you covered.

New knowledge base live - your one way stop to RUMvision mastery ๐Ÿ“„

Introducing Our Revamped Knowledge Base: Simple & Straightforward

Since RUMvision's launch, we've been all ears, noting down your valuable questions in our personal talks and emails. Your questions and our answers gave us the nudge to roll out a fresh and improved "Version 2.0" of our documentation. The goal: no fuss, just clarity.

User Interface: Easy and Intuitive

After a bit of digging and reflecting on your feedback, we aimed for simplicity. Our new design ensures you get straight to the point. With organized categories and a handy sidebar, navigating through our docs is a breeze.

Highlighting Essential Areas

When you checkout our improved docs, you'll see we've highligted core features and their explanations. Allow us to show you:

  1. Monitoring: Get acquainted with our tool, understand how to initiate your journey, and easily interpret the insights from the dashboards.
  2. Filters: With a range of filters at your disposal, elevate your data analysis. We're actively adding more tips and tricks, so keep an eye out!
  3. Account: Everything related to your account, profile settings, plans, subscription and invoices.
  4. API's: Everything related to apps and our varying API's.
  5. Releases: Stay in the loop about recent changes and what we are working on.
  6. Privacy & security: Read up about the privacy and security of our services.
  7. Glossary: Find a list of less-technical explanation of concepts, metrics et cetera.
  8. Video Tutorials: For those who prefer visual guidance, our comprehensive video tutorials provide clear step-by-step instructions on key features.
  9. FAQ: There are some frequently asked questions that are more general, like pricing. While they have their own pages, we have collected them again in our knowledge base so that everyone has access to all of the information they require in a single location.

The Journey Continues...

While we've tackled many common questions, rest assured, this is just the beginning. As RUMvision evolves, our documentation will too, ensuring you're always in the know.

Do you have something you miss in our documentation? Then we would love to hear about it.