INP replacing FID, FID to be removed from Google tools

Summary: We have an INP date. And this doesn't only mean that FID stops being a Core Web Vital metric. FID is facing more consequences and will never be the same again. Here's what to expect.

INP replacing FID, FID to be removed from Google tools

As the INP metric replaces the FID metric, FID will become deprecated. Furthermore, FID will also be removed from various Google tools.

FID will be deprecated on March 12, and it will ultimately be removed from Chrome tools after about six months.

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Consequences of replacing FID

When it comes to the FID metric, several changes will occur once the INP metric will then take its place. Google has indicated that after this transition, the status of the FID metric will be deprecated.

FID in Google Search Console

On March 12th, FID will be removed from Google Search Console, making way for INP. This change is due to Google Search Console only displaying insights for the three essential metrics: the Core Web Vitals:

This means FID will no longer have a place in Google Search Console.

FID in PageSpeed Insights

Another tool by Google that you may have used to view basic RUM data is PageSpeed Insights. When testing a site that has received a sufficient number of recent visitors, you will see results based on real user data. This can be observed in the screenshot below:

Clearly, INP will take a prominent position in the PageSpeed Insights interface since a set of Core Web Vitals metrics are always displayed at the top. But what will happen to the FID metric?

FID may either be replaced or removed upon reaching the INP deadline. Ultimately, FID will be permanently removed. There's a possibility that the gap in layout left behind by FID will be replaced by device distribution. Such change would allow site owners and other stakeholders to easily assess the relative amount of mobile, desktop, and tablet pageviews collected in CrUX.


FID will continue to exist for another 6 months to give developers time to adjust their code. Google is doing this to prevent tools using such APIs from breaking immediately after the deadline.

FID in RUMvision

RUMvision is built on top of the web-vitals library. And Google is planning on deprecating FID in the next web-vitals.js release.

We will fully drop FID as well from our private dashboards, which we will cover in a seperate article. Next to this, we already started removing FID from our free tools, such as our Core Web Vitals history checker.

No more FID

This means that around mid-September, FID will not only be deprecated but also completely removed from interfaces and APIs. Historically important documentation about FID will remain in place, but according to Google it will be accompanied by prominent notices.

What about the first-input API?

If you're a developer or using Web APIs in other ways, you do not need to fear for the first-input event being removed. Although FID as a metric is being removed from Web Vitals and Google tools, there are no plans to remove the underlying first-input Web API from event-timing.

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