Why 28 delay in CWV really sucks if you're serious about pagespeed

Summary: Google offers free Core Web Vitals data from real visitors. Why isn't that enough to get a good oversight of how your webshop is doing?

Why 28 delay in CWV really sucks if you're serious about pagespeed

Core Web Vitals is always 28 days behind

Do you use Google Search console or Google's pagespeed insights via CrUX? Then the data you see is always 28 days delayed, and shows only the 75th percentile of the data that was collected. Google does this so it can gather a reliable dataset without weird occasional outliers, because metrics can vary greatly from moment to moment. 

In itself, this is not a strange reasoning. For websites with many deployments or in the middle of an optimization process, however, this causes unnecessarily long waits for feedback. 

The use of averages influences the results

Are you in the middle of an optimization project and do you use CrUX? You probably already experienced that a pagespeed fix you implemented, only starts showing some changes halfway the month (you go from red to orange). Only at the end of the 28 days you can see if it really helped, the oh so desired green line!  

Result: you're always too late to stop a deploy from impacting revenue

The downside of this delay should be obvious. The real results of each deployment or each newly added third-party won't be known until after 28 days. And then they impact your SEO score right away too! An additional disadvantage is that in e-commerce many things often happen simultaneously in 28 days. It is then extra difficult to be able to determine what caused improvements and what made sitespeed or UX worse. 

Get insights before Core Web Vitals know it

This is where RUMvision makes a difference. We track and display the experiences of your website visitors every moment of the day in your dashboard. Across multiple dimensions. For example:

  • What type of device (memory) were they using, 
  • and was a new ad or campaign impacting their experience?

If you do an update, you can make an annotation and immediately see what the difference was between the before and after.

Instead of waiting 28 days, with RUMvision you will have data in a few minutes already. Most clients are spotting the differences within an hour.

Sit back and relax, RUMvision will alert you if there's CWV trouble

And even better, you can also be notified when there is a major improvement or worsening in one of your metrics. No hassle with checking CrUX every day, now you can sit and relax in the knowledge that in 28 days you will be fine. 

What a relief!

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