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Stay on top of your Core Web Vitals and continually optimize for your real users with our RUM benefits. Improve page speed with real UX data and look beyond your Lighthouse score.

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3 reasons why you need real user monitoring

  • 1. Validation

    Webshops are always changing. Make sure you check trends after a release.

  • 2.Optimization

    Visualizing issues easily saves developer time for fixing them. Everyone wins.

  • 3. Assurance

    Never let new to you 3rd parties or codechanges regress page speed and core web vitals.

  • Visitor Footprint

    Optimize performance for your own visitors

    Find out how your own audience perceives your website in terms of Core Web Vitals and pagespeed. Not everyone is on the same device and internet speed.

    • Get a score of the overall UX of your website
    • But also focus on how first time visitors experience it
    • Via the visitor footprint you'll know the correlation between device, internet, pageview type and UX

    Check out the video of our audience dashboard

  • Pass the Core Web Vitals

    Real-time Core Web Vitals, easy set-up.

    Clear timelines and insights of your real user data per Core Web Vital + 4 additional metrics in 1 clear dashboard.

    • No 28 days delay, real-time data to get you get insights per metric and per template
    • Choose desktop, mobile, or tablet data, percentile and a time range to view collected data
    • Hassle free set-up, get up and running within the hour

    Check out Core Web Vitals dashboard video

  • Compare page speed data

    See the impact of your latest deploys

    In eCommerce? Continuous sprints, features and third partys may impact your Core Web Vitals after a release.

    • RUMvision can be added to your workflow: add to do's, chat about them and add annotations
    • Compare trends per release and Core Web Vitals with real time data
    • Celebrate improvements with your team so that the performance culture is embraced

    Check out the metrics table video

  • Monitor, analyze, and optimize

    Make data actionable

    Technical data simplified so it can be turned into action items for your team. In no time you will know where areas for improvement are.

    • Use filters, dimensions and custom timing for easy debugging
    • Find out what went wrong within the hour after a release
    • Data that development needs to assure good page speed

    Make your own data actionable

  • Who doesn't want to stay ahead?

    Track your competitors page speed

    Keep an eye on whether your competitors are making improvements on pagespeed and UX. Compare your own speed with that of your competitor.

    • See how your competitor performed over the last 6 months
    • See that average UX score in your industry
    • Watch trends in your competitors data, to help you outperform them

    Start tracking your own competitors

  • Smarter decision making

    Understand the impact of 3rd parties

    Third parties are needed on a web shop, but do you choose the fastest one for the right task? Monitor your 1st and 3rd party JavaScript impact on the Interaction to Next Paint.

    • Measure the JavaScript execution time for 1st and 3rd party code
    • Benchmark third parties and pick the most performant one for the job, so you pass for the INP metric
    • Optimize your 1st party code and work together with marketing to make better decisions

But that is not everything we have to offer...

Our RUM data comes with a ton of other amazing benefits on top of our main features,
making Core Web Vitals and page speed monitoring even easier and better.

RUMvision in action...


  • Performance A/B testing

    Know the difference in website speed between different variants. Simply add a custom dimension and find out the difference!

  • Custom timing

    Know when your logo or burger menu is visible, as well as when your head is loaded with custom timing. You can also use server timing to make your back-end even faster.

  • Advanced mode

    Become a page speed Sherlock with advanced mode enable advanced mode to use all filters for every metric and dimension to cross-filter. Read more about what advanced mode has to offer.

  • Workflow

    Optimizing site speed and your Core Web Vitals requires collaboration between a dev team, marketing, product owner, or even an independent consultant. Work together on to-dos, watch how they perform live, and discuss issues, ideas, and solutions.

  • Geographical Tracking

    When you have international traffic, you want to know how different visitors experience your Web site, for example, consider a CDN. With geographical tracking, everything becomes clear on a world map.

  • Creating annotations

    Create annotations by template and metric. Also fill in how long you have been working on it and the impact you expect. Compare against the created annotation and see the impact on pagespeed.

  • Conversations

    Want to keep page speed and Core Web Vitals issues and discussions central? You can do that in RUMvision. Tag people in conversations, share files and make performance part of the culture.

  • Slack integration

    Set what you want to receive in your own #RUMvision slack channel. Receive messages when changes are made. Weekly updates and alerts coming soon.

Happy customers using RUMvision

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