Change (credit) card

In order to enable invoices to be paid by direct debit, we require authorization for a mandate on your credit card. Consequently, you will always need to make the first payment manually. RUMvision will then continue to use that card for future invoice payments.

Once there is a minimum of one card, you will automatically see a "Cards" tab appear within your billing page. Within this tab, you can view your current and any previous cards.

Changing credit card

RUMvision offers the option to either switch to other existing cards or add new ones.

Adding a new card

If you wish to use a new card for payments, we require authorization for that new card. In other words, a new manual payment is necessary to obtain authorization for the new card. From that point onwards, we will continue using the new card.

You can accomplish this by paying your next outstanding invoice manually. New invoices are automatically generated around the 15th of every month. While invoices are automatically paid on the 1st of every month, you can make manual payments before this date. You can utilize this opportunity to navigate through the payment process and use a new card.

The new card will then appear in your list of cards as illustrated in the screenshot above.

Switching to an existing card

If you see multiple cards in your card listing, you can switch to a different card at any time. Simply select the card you prefer for payment purposes and click the "Save as default" button.

Delete a card

You can easily remove cards that you no longer use. However, there must always be at least one card available to ensure invoices are paid via direct debit.

From the previous screenshot, select the card you wish to remove, then click "Delete". A modal window will appear:

Once deleted, the next available card will automatically be selected as the default card for payments. To add new cards, follow the steps above.