Change recipient(s)

Wondering who is receiving invoices and how to change this? You can read it here.

Who will receive invoices?

We will consistently ensure that invoices and any related communications are sent to at least one individual, ensuring timely notification to our shareholders.

Even if all users unsubscribed themselves from receiving invoice notifications, at least one user will still receive invoice related messages. 

Custom e-mail address

You can provide us with an e-mail address that should receive invoice related messages. This e-mail address does not have to be associated with a RUMvision account. You can achieve this by navigating to "Billing & plans", select "Billing info" in the dropdown and then choose "Invoice notifications". Fill in the e-mail address for "E-mail address".

RUMvision accounts

Additionally, the user that was responsible for the last payment gets added to the list of recipients as well. And finally, a user that subscribed to invoice notifications will receive messages as well.

In every scenario, the invoice will be sent exclusively to users who belong to the same organization as the invoices.

How to change recipients

If you don't have an account, you should ask someone from your organisation to change the value filled in at "Custom e-mail address".

If you do have an account, you should navigate to your notifications settings in your profile and disable "Invoices".