Download & share

You can download your invoices as PDF to share them externally.

External payment

When another department is responsible for payment of (SaaS) services, you can choose to share the invoice externally. This option is only available for unpaid invoices. You can find this option by going to the detail page of an invoice, and clicking on the "with invoice" button as illustrated in the screenshow below:

E-mail address form

You will be redirected to a splash page, where you are then able to provide the e-mail address of the person or department that is responsible for payments. This form will look as following:

After this step, you will see a similar page, sharing a unique link to share with the right person that belongs to that e-mail address. Do note that the created link will be unique to the e-mail address that you planned to invite. They will need to use that specific e-mail address when using your link.