Received invitation

A user -and potentially a colleague- might have invited you to an invoice that needs to be paid. The process of sharing an invoice externally is described in the previous section.

If you've received an invitation via a colleague, you should have received a unique link. This unique link is:

  • unique to your e-mail address. Be sure to use the e-mail address
  • unique to a specific invoice. You can re-visit that invoice at any time.

E-mail address form

And the link will show the following form in a splash screen:

Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to the invoice and you will find the payment options at the right of the invoice.

Account limitations

Do note that as the only goal of this process is to get an invoice paid, your account will be limited in the following ways:

  • you will only be able to view pending invoices;
  • when previously visited invoices were paid already, you can only re-visit them by re-using the link that you speficially received for that invoice;
  • otherwise, you won't be able to view already paid invoices.

Additionally, your profile options are limited as monitoring is not the goal of your account.

Upgrading your account

If you've initially been invited via this process, you will have a limited account. At a certain point, you might be ready to ugrade. For example in the following scenario's:

  • you actually want to start monitoring with that account;
  • you need access to all invoices.

In either case, do the following to achieve this:

  • ask your colleague -or the person that invited you- to also add your e-mail address to a domain;
  • this is telling our application that your account is ready to do more;
  • and your account will automatically be upgraded.

Your colleague might remove you from domains at any time. However, your account has been upgraded already at that moment, allowing you to view all invoices.