Retroactive invoicing

Retroactive invoicing takes place when the enddate of your subscription was reached, but the RUMvision snippet is actually still seen on the site.

Retroactive invoicing will happen, even when you cancelled your subscription.

When retroactive invoicing is initiated, then this means that you did not remove the snippet from all your sites. This might be either:

  • deliberately:
    You knowlingly decided to keep our snippet on your site
  • negligence:
    You failed to remove it in a timely manner

Regardless of the reason, your domains are forcing us to keep serving the JavaScript to your website visitors. As this could be a deliverate choice, we will keep collecting data.

Resolving this situation

To stop us from charging your organisation, you will need to adequately remove the snippet from all your sites. The steps are as following:

  1. Check usage
    Go to your organisation's Usage dashboard to see your domains.
  2. Check download times
    See when your domain's specific tracking script was last downloaded by Cloudfront.
    Those with a recent timestamp are the ones that are still running the JavaScript.
  3. Remove snippet
    Remove or instruct the ones responsible to remove the snippet.
    Note that these could either be implemented dircetly in the source code, or via a (Google) Tag Manager.

Do note that:

  • only pausing our script in your (Google) Tag Manager isn't enough. It should be fully removed;
  • purge any caches of your site that might contain the monitoring script, which would otherwise result in still sending data to our systems.

Automated process

We have automated processes in place to detect if sites are still running our snippet, even beyond their cancellation / subscription enddates.

When the above steps are followed thoroughly, RUMvision will automatically stop charging your organisation. You don't need to take any other steps.

Continuing your subscription

The above means that if something unexpected happens with the payment of your invoices, or if you actually change your mind after canceling your subscription, you will continue to receive data.

In other words, your invoice will simply arrive later than usual, and you will receive an email. However, if there is no mandate to automatically pay the invoice, you will need to manually pay it. You can proceed with our usual payment flow to accomplish this.