Within the theme settings, you can change the way your avatar is being shown, as well as the background color of the application. See the screenshot below.

Initials or avatar

There are different places where users are listed. We show user data to indicate who created a URL, which users are part of a domain or who were responsible for snippet changes.

When showing user information, it is often accompanied with an avatar. The theme section within your profile settings allows you to change how our avatar is shown.

You can either choose to use an avatar that is showing your initials, and pick a background color, or use an image.

Showing your initials

As most services (such as Outlook), initials will be generated dyamically. RUMvision does the same. RUMvision will try to determine the the initials based on either your name or e-mail address, up to max of two characters. We will look for any dots in your e-mail address, or otherwise fallback to the first letter of the e-mail address and then the hostname of the e-mail address.

Using an image

When choosing to use an image, you will need to provide a public URL. From both a security perspective as well as durability (some services might change URLs over time, invalidating previously known URL's), we will fetch the image, crop it, resize it and self-host it. Do note that you will keep seeing the original path you provided, so that you always know from what source we ended up fetching the image.

If you would rather not show the image for a short amount of time, or for a longer duration, you can hide the image using the toggle button. We will then fall back to using initials and a preferred color.

Theme background color

The background color options is more limited then picking your avatar. You can choose from 4 different colors. When picking another image, you will immediately get to see a preview.

When changing the background color, only your own sessions are affected. Other team members will see the color they picked in their profile theme settings.