Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an online identity and access management security method that requires two forms of identification to access resources and data.

Enabling 2FA

From a security perspective, it is recommended to use Two-factor authentication. Maybe one of the websites you have access to is forcing you to configure it in order to see their data. This section is describing how to set it up within RUMvision.

2FA apps

One of the following apps can be used. However, other authenticator apps will also work.

Scan the code

Next, click on the "View QR code" button, which will open a popup. Scan this code with your mobile device and insert the 6 numeric code in the input field.

When not installed, you won't be able to view data for those domains that are enforcing you to be logged in with Two Factor Authentication.

Trusted browsers

Within your profile security settings, you also get to see a list of browsers that you trusted. A trusted browser is a browser session where a user allowed RUMvision to persist their 2FA for a specified number of days. This question to trust a browser is presented during the login process.

Each item in your list of trusted browsers is accompanied with a number of days, representing the amount of remaining days that a user doesn't have to supply a 2FA anymore when revisiting RUMvision login screen. After that, your sessions within other browsers on potentially other devices need to provide their 2FA code again upon logging in.

Please be cautious and limit trusted browsers to devices only you have access to, preferably using their own 2FA process.

Removing trusted browsers

When logged in, you can remove trusted browsers. You can do this by unchecking the checkbox that can be found alongside each trusted browser.

Additionally, we will invalidate a trusted browser when actively logging out. This is part of security measures by default while this behaviour can be overruled in your profile security settings.

Deleting an active QR code

When a QR code is active, you're able to remove it by checking the "delete current" checkbox. To confirm, you will need to provide your current 2FA code. This is illustrated in the image below.

Verify password

Saving any changes in the above form fields needs to be confirmed by re-entering your current password.