Creating an account

To begin using RUMvision, you need to create an account. This is your first step towards gaining insights into your website's performance. Simply head over to our registration page:

You will encounter the following form fields:

  • Your e-mail address;
  • A password to be used in the future;
  • The homepage URL of the domain you want to track.

E-mail address

Your e-mailaddress is straight forward. Use an e-mail address that you would want to use when logging in as well. It is more convenient to use an e-mail address that is part of your company's domain, than an e-mail address form an e-mail service such as

Registrations with temporary or disposable e-mail service are limited.

Your password

When providing a preferred password, we will show a password strength indicator. Although we allow different kinds of password, it's your responsibility to pick a strong password. Hence the password strength indicator.

A password can be changed at any time once you logged in successfully. You can do so via the edit password panel in your profile.

Homepage URL

During the account setup, you'll be asked to add a website for monitoring. This step is crucial as it links your account to the specific website you wish to analyze and gives you a head start.

You're not limited to just one website. RUMvision allows you to monitor multiple domains under a single account (organisation). See how to add more domains.

After registration, you're only one step away from monitoring. Your next step is to pick a plan.