Registration errors

When trying to register, you can end up in different scenario's. The expected one is a successful registration. But it could sometimes yield other results, which will be discussed in this section.

Invalid e-mail address for

You will run into this error when trying to register a domain that has been claimed already. If a domain has been claimed and verified, you can't register to this domain anymore. Regardless of using an e-mail address that is matching the domain name.

In that case, you will need to find the right person at the company yourselves, and ask them to invite you. You could share this documentation section when reaching out to them.

Check your e-mail to verify

Although registration was successful, you might run into this when viewing the domain. And you will then end up not seeing any monitoring information for that domain.

Additionally, your access rights will be very limited. This is the result of a domain already being registered, but not being claimed yet. This scenario is described in the existing domain section.

Disposable email services

Behind the scenes, we were already identifying registrations using a temporary or disposable e-mail service to limit the amount of rights within our application. More recently, we decided to block those registrations all together.

This means that when using a temporary e-mail service, the registration will be successful, but the provided domain won't be added to your account and you will end up seeing a splash screen with a notice. This notice is telling you we identified a registration from a temporary e-mail service and to reach out to us to get access again with that e-mail address.