Expire(d) or pause account

When you see a notice telling you that your access to a certain domain has been expired, it means that another user of that domain applied an end date to your account for that specific domain. An example of such notice can be found below:

If that's the case, you might want to reach out to one of the owners of that domain to either extend or remove the end date.

Applying an end date to a user

When extending invitations to users, you have the option to specify an end date. This feature proves particularly useful when collaborating with external entities, such as outsourced organizations responsible for SEO, development, or pagespeed consultancy. By predetermining an end date, you can effectively manage access for individuals working on your site or project on a temporary basis.

Steps to apply an end date

To do this, navigate to the users list of a specific domain, and toggle the dropdown for that user. Within the dropdown, click on "security":

Within the new form, navigate to "end date" and apply and end date by using the datepicker that will popup, or manually entering a date. Additionally, you can choose to apply the end date to all domains. When this checkbox is enabled, the end date for this user will apply to domains that both:

  • are part of your very own organization;
  • and you have user management permissions.

Enhancing security

This practice significantly enhances security measures by removing the need for manual, periodic reviews of your entire user listing. Instead, by applying end dates, access privileges expire automatically, prompting the user when they try to access data within that domain again. This allows site owners to reassess the continued relevance of a user's access rights.

It is important to understand that end dates are applied on a per-user and per-domain basis. Consequently, this setting must be configured individually for each user within each relevant domain to ensure consistent application across all invitations associated with that user's domain.

Pausing a user's account

RUMvision's end date expiry mechanism can be used to pause the access of an account to certain domains. When a user will not be part of pagespeed efforts for a longer period of time, you can choose to temporarily set an end date as well, and remove the end date once they're back in pagespeed action.

Verify password

Performing the above action needs to be confirmed by re-entering your current password.