On invitation

RUMvision users can invite others. When that other user does not have a domain yet, they still have to register.

Receiving an invitation

The e-mail message you will receive might look like the following:

Activation by e-mail address

It is asking you to go to https://insights.rumvision.com/login/welcome/ to activate your account. Over here, you will need to provide your e-mail address, more specifically the one where you received the invitation.

Do note that we are not pre-populating input fields because of privacy and browser caching reasons. This means you will need to enter your e-mail address manually. After submitting your e-mail address we will show the following message.

To be compliant with security guidelines, we won't show you if the e-mail address you provided is in our database. Instead, you will need to check incoming messages within the same e-mail account as where you received the invitation.

After this step, you will end up in our "reset password" flow.

Taking over a domain

If you were actually invited to take over a domain and make it part of your organisation's subscription, then continue reading at our domain ownership section.