Because every website is different in terms of traffic and what is needed for tracking, we have introduced a number of add ons. This way the standard packages remain clear, but there is also option for expansion.

Extra domains

Each package offers the option of 1, 2 or 5 domains. If you close the essentials plan, but still want to monitor an additional domain it can be simply added during the subscription flow.

Extra pageviews

Of course, you may well have just a little more pageviews than your chosen plan gives access to. With the extra pageviews add-on, you get 1 million extra pageviews each time you add it.

Extra competitors

If you have a large number of competitors that you want to track then you can add them individually through the subscription flow. By default the packages offer 5,10 or 15 competitors.

Extra storage

In our to-do module and conversations, you can add attachments such as image and PDFs. These all need to be saved. By default you have 10MB of storage, but you can add up to 2GB to your storage for 100MB in steps.