Cancelling your subscription is possible via the RUMvision application. When you have an active subscription, the "Cancel subscription" button will appear in your organisation's "Plan" page:

Clicking on this button will open a modal, telling you until which date your subscription will keep on running and alerting you about monitoring data being deleted after that date when proceeding.

You'll end up on a new page after proceeding, informing you what to expect when cancelling your subscription. Here are the most imporant take-aways:

  • when cancelling your subscription, we will no longer create invoices pro-actively.
  • per our terms and agreement, we will send an invoice when you or our team failed to actually remove our monitoring script.
  • removal should happen before the enddate of your subscription.
  • when we haven't noticed tracking activity for a while across your domains, we automatically delete monitoring data.
  • we then proceed to securely remove all other data (linked users, competitors, logs and caches) and domain-records.

Retroactive invoicing

The above means that the agreement only stops when all ties to our services are removed as well.

Until the moment of full and complete removal, we will be charging your organisation retroactively. Learn how to resolve this situation.

Finalizing your cancellation

Once informed, you are able to finalize the cancellation. In this process, we will ask you to share your motivations (with a few default reasons to choose from), allowing us to learn and do better for future users.

Deleting your data

Once all links to our resources have been stopped, we will automatically delete all domain-related information after a while. If you are certain that you will not be needing RUMvision or any associated account, domain, or RUM-related data, you can manually accelerate this process for domains where tracking is no longer active.

To do this, navigate to the "Your data" section of each of your domains to either delete specific components or the entire domain from our system.