Manage pageviews

By default, RUMvision will stop collecting more pageviews once your organization reached 100% of the monthly pageviews in your plan. From there, RUMvision offers different scenario's to deal with growth in pageviews.

Pageview management

One of the options when reaching 100% of your pageviews is to do nothing. Our script will stop tracking any data and -next to any alerts- it will produce a notice in the browser console instead. This notice is only visible for users that have opened the JS Console in their browser's DevTools.

This works the same for sites using our subresource integrity solution. However, the console message won't be shown, but will instead produce a privacy error in the console due to the nature of SRI. We do this to prevent the script from continuing to use beaconing and server resources.

Enable auto scaling

To allow RUMvision to scale with your seasonal spikes or fundamental growth, you can enable auto-scaling. Additionally, you will need to provide us with a number (per million) to adhere to. Consider this your guardrail.

Auto-scaling only becomes available when invoices are paid via direct debit. When not enabled yet, you can enable this when paying your next invoice.

Once this guard rail number has been reached, we will stop collecting pageviews as of that moment. When that moment has reached, you can simply increase your guard rail number and/or combine it with one of the two measures described below.

Read more about how we charge auto-scaling costs in the invoicing methodology section.

Add more pageviews

If your growth in pageviews is here to stay, you can choose to buy more pageviews via our add-ons.

You can even combine these two measures. For example when there's a fundamental growth in pageviews but still combined with seasonal spikes.

An example:
You get 1.5 million monthly pageviews in the Ecommerce plan. You can configure a guardrail of +1 million to track up to 2.5 million pageviews.
If you would buy 1 pageview-addon, your plan would contain 2.5 million pageviews by default. With a guardrail of +1 million, RUMvision will then stop collecting data when reaching 3.5 million pageviews.

Upgrade to another plan

At a certain point, you might even want to upgrade your plan. This can make sense as a higher plan comes with more pageviews by default against a better rate. After upgrading your plan, you can continue to mix this with more pageview addons and an increased guardrail number.

Threshold and alerts

We offer different ways to stay in the loop of the progress of your pageviews. The least intrusive one is manually checking your usage dashboard. But once 100% is reached or manually configured thresholds are reached, we're able to alert you as well as discussed below.

Dashboard notification

When viewing collected data of a domain, RUMvision will automatically show a popup the first time you request a dashboard of a domain in a new browser window. Additionally, we're showing an infinite infobox showing the summary of the current pageview status. These will directly point site owners to the best fitting step(s) to deal with pageview exceedance.

Email notification

Additionally, RUMvision offer proactive measures as well to actively stay in the loop. We suggest setting thresholds in percentages to be notified when your organization's pageview usage is reaching those levels.

Whenever the pageviews of all domains within your organization is reaching them, RUMvision will alert users that subscribed to "Subscription notifications" via their profile settings. Only those that are part of your organization will receive such alerts.

Invoicing methodology

Exceeded data that we tracked when auto scaling is enabled will be charged at the beginning of the new month. Afterall, we only know the total amount of additionally tracked pageviews when the month has ended.

We apply a margin of 5% (for Essential and Ecommerce plans) and 2% (our other plans). Any exceedance that is still within that margin won't be charged.

For all other numbers, RUMvision will create a one-off invoice that will automatically be paid via the payment mandate that came with the direct debit configuration. 

As pageviews that are part of auto-scale basically works the same as our pageviews addon, the costs per group of 1 million pageviews are the same as well. See the addon pricing on our pricing page for the latest price.