If you want to get started with your own data in RUMvision, it is necessary to get a subscription. Based on the number of pageviews and functionalities you need, you can choose a plan. We offer 3 plans:

  • Essentials
  • eCommerce
  • Enterprise

Which plan is right for you

Most of our customers choose the eCommerce package because here there are more options to analyze your page speed data and thus come up with areas for improvement. The eCommerce package offers the option for regular expressions. The benefit of regular expressions is that by adding one line you can track all your product detail pages.

Do you have a website with a large number of URLs within multiple templates? Then the eCommerce package is immediately recommended.

If you want to choose the Essentials or eCommerce package, but you have more than 750K or 1.5 million page views then you can use add-ons.

Website with less URLs and traffic (Essentials)

If you have fewer pageviews than the eCommerce plan offers then you can opt for our essentials plan. Here you can add infinite URLs but do not have the option of regular expressions.

With this package you are mainly monitoring and have fewer options with filtering. However, for smaller websites, this offers tools to get started with Core Web Vitals and page speed.

High traffic websites (Enterprise)

If you have a website with more than 7.5 million visitors, we recommend using our Enterprise package. With this subscribtion you have the possibility to start sampling, so with 25 million pageviews you don't have to track everything but for example 25%. Setting up the sampling we'll help you with.