Your usage

While on your pagespeed journey with RUMvision, you might also want to know more about your usage to learn if you are about to exceed your plan in busier times, or while adding more domains to your organisation. That's what the usage dashboard is for.

Usage dashboard

Over here, you can view your usage for the current month, and the amount of remaining days.

Note that the amount of pageviews in your subscription applies to your whole organisation. You don't need to keep track of the amount of pageviews per domain.

Other information that you get to see:

  • Top domains
    At the top right, you'll find the top 6 domains that are part of your organization, based on their pageviews
  • Total usage over time
    A timeline is showing the trend over time, with more detailed information on mouseover
  • Latest alerts
    At the bottom left, you will be shown a log of recent notifications.

Receiving notifications

The bottom left information block is showing recent notifications. From here, you can decide to do more. For example, you can view more details of all alerts, change the thresholds or (un)subscribe from alerts.

The thresholds apply on organization level. Changing them means you are changing them for everyone who belongs to your organisation and who's subscribed to usage notifications.

Subscribing and unsubscribing can be done via your profile's notifications page. The dropdown will offer a shortcut to that page.

Pageviews over time per domain

Below the usage dashboard, you will find a listing of all domains that belongs to your organisation. You will find a dropdown at the right, enabling you to sort the domain listing by one of the following:

  • started at
    when the website snippet was used for the first time
  • last downloaded
    when Cloudfront fetched the domain's snippet from our servers
  • pageviews
    Amount of pageviews in the current month
  • pages per session
    The ratio of pages per session in the current month

Via the dropdown per domain, you will be able to jump to specific sections for that domain, based on your access rights to a domain.

Data accuracy and delay

The data shown in your monitoring dashboards will be up to date data. Data in your usage dashboard will typically have a delay. This is happening as RUMvision will typically extrapolate pageview numbers for the current month. We will extrapolate data based on known usage up to the latest moment we fetched data per domain.

We are doing this to unburden our architecture. And once a month is finished, exact data is being finalized to always show you see actual numbers of previous months.

If you would like to refresh data to be sure that you are looking at up-to-date pageview usage, you can click the "Refresh" button and follow the step in the modal that will then show up.