Installing an app

You can install out-of-the-box integrations that RUMvision offers. By using such integrations, you are able to allow us to actively share information with you. This can be done by installing apps.

You need an account to be able to install apps. You would then need to go to your profile settings via the profile dropdown at the top right, and then navigate to "apps" in the sidebar.

App versus email

Typical communication will happen per e-mail. Apps are enabling us to share information in other ways as well. And share other information that we don't share per email.

High-frequency messaging is an example. A lot of changes might happen across multiple domains. Tracking configuration might get changed, URL's might be added or altered and new users might be added. Sharing such information by email, and you will get fed up with us very quickly. And costs is a factor here as well.

However, sharing such information via apps and more specifically channels that you provided will allow you to segment and receive such data in the way you prefer. Go to your profile settings to start installing apps.

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