MS Teams integration

Microsoft Teams is an integrated app that we offer out of the box. Installing the MS Teams app is allowing us to communicate with your designated MS Teams channel.

You can repeat this as often as you want, although only once per account.

From the dropdown, you can install an app. MS Teams will be amongst the default integration options. After clicking on MS Teams, a popup will be shown.

Providing the channel name

In the popup, you should provide the link of the MS Teams channel where you want RUMvision notifications to appear. This should be an existing channel. See the screenshot below, which is showing the popup and the form field:

Configuring MS Teams

This section describes the steps you'll need to perform in MS Teams.

Retrieving the link of the channel

To get the link to the channel, you should be logged in to Microsoft Teams, and navigate to the channel where you want RUMvision notifications to appear. At the sidebar at the right, pick "Teams". You get to see your teams and the channels per team. The channels are the ones without a favicon at the right, as illustrated in this screenshot:


  1. In this screenshot, "Awesome Team" and "Red Teams" are teams. "General" is a channel and that's a location where you want RUMvision to post notifications;
  2. For that channel, click on the ellipsis (three dots) to toggle the dropdown;
  3. Within the dropdown, click on "Get link to channel", indicated with an link-icon.

These steps will trigger a modal where you both get to see the link, and get to copy the link. Copy it, and paste it in the form field within the MS Teams modal that you opened in your profile. Then click "Authenticate"


The next step in the installation is to authenticate the RUMvision app and its permissions. This can be done in the MS Teams splash screen that will follow after clicking the "Authenticate" button in the initial popup.

The new MS Teams authentication will happen in two phases. Both phases are illustrated in the screenshots below. The requested actions to perform will be adjusted when you decided to allow us to create a new channel:


After clicking "Allow", you will be redirected back to your profile page. If a MS Teams error occured, you will be presented with the error in red. In other words, you won't miss it.

If adding our the RUMvision app to MS Teams succeeded, you will see a confirmation as well. And we will remember you to join the channel, if we created one.

App options

After installation, you can test, pause or delete the MS Teams integration.

Testing MS Teams

After installation, you can test the app by sending a test message. You should be able to see this option when going to the app's dropdown menu. Over there, click on "send test message" to send a test message right away.

Pausing MS Teams

Via the same dropdown menu, you will be able to delete the whole connection between RUMvision and your MS Teams workspace and channel. Instead of deleting it, you can also disable notifications. This might be convenient when you just want to pause reports and messages, without needing to delete it all together.

The screenshot below is illustrating where you can find the dropdown menu with its options:

Deleting the MS Teams app

When deleting the app, a confirmation message will be send to the channel that was used during the configuration. The app will be removed and will no longer be able to send notifications.