There are different configuration and sending options available, helping you to customize behaviour when needed.

Prevent auto-submitting

To prevent our JavaScript from sending collected information autonomously, you should disable auto-submitting. To do this, you can call the rumv function and pass config as the first parameter, and your desired configuration via auto: false flag in the passed object.

rumv('config', {auto: false} );

Manually dispatch a pagehit

To manually create a new pagehit, you can call the rumv function and pass pagehit as the first parameter.


Do note that our tracking snippet will take care of most scenario's already. Even those that typically aren't covered by other analytic and RUM solutions. For example bfcache navigations, pre-rendered pages and SPA soft navigations.

Sending data

To manually submit the data to force it to be send to the endpoint,, you can call the rumv function and pass send as the first parameter. This should be used when you chose to disable auto-submitting, or when you just want to submit data more regularly (such as INP or LCP values, where we typically follow web-vitals behaviour).