• All transactions will be conducted in Euro due to our Dutch location. Our payment processor, Mollie, will ensure that all transactions are completed in your respective currencies. Please keep in mind that the currency converter on the website is only an estimate of the total cost; for current pricing in your currency, please consult the current market exchange rate.

  • VAT is not included in the prices. This means that for Dutch companies, the 21% VAT will be added to the total amount of the subscription.

    We need your VAT/EIN number (or the company's equivalent) for companies that aren't from the Netherlands, so that we can set your VAT to zero with VAT reverse-charged to your country. 

  • For monthly users we use direct debit. We accept to following payment options:

    • SEPA Direct Banking
    • Creditcard (VISA, Mastercard, American Express)
    • IDEAL (as well as numerous European equivalents, reach out to support if you're bank is not included)
    • We use Mollie as our payment provider, all options listed through their site are supported
    • Prefer PayPal? Reach out to support, as additional payment fees will apply.

    For yearly subscriptions it's also possible to pay through wire transfer

  • No, all payments fees are included.

    Except if you prefer PayPal to all other free payment methods. Then there is an additional fee (3.4%).

Discounts & bundles


  • We look at domains the same way as Google does. For example:

    •, and all are a domain. This means this would result in 3 domains;
    • However, is just a path on a domain. So, the domain is the same as

    In addition, if your checkout or subscription forms are hosted on subdomains or other (pagebuilder) domains, these are also considered to be separate domains.

    A staging-domain will also be considered its own domain, requiring a separate subscription. 

  • You can, but since we offer real user monitoring, it won't yield many insightful results. Considering that only those who have access to your staging area will go there. And they frequently use your team's or your own internet on desktop computers. Therefore, we wouldn't advise doing this.

    We won't stop you if you decide to include staging with your domain subscription. Installing the snippet on your staging site only requires making sure that your subscription allows you to add this extra domain (for example, eCommerce comes with 2 domains by default, but you can add-on extra domains).


  • Each visited page is considered a pageview. Multiple pageviews will typically happen within a session. Some sites might be having up to 4 pageviews per session, others could even have up to 10 pageviews per session. It could depend on the purpose of the site, its niche, the current season, et cetera.

    For example, visitors could start their journey on your homepage and then navigate to a product listing page and product page. And hopefully even cart and checkout. That would then be 5 pageviews in a session.

  • You sure can! We have an add-on available to increase your pageviews. With this add-on you can top up your pageviews multiple times, with 1 million pageviews per addon per month. Cost are €75/month per 1 million pageviews.

  • Monitoring stops when the monthly maximum is reached. This means your monitoring might not show data at the end of the month, when the maximum was reached already.

    Do not that although no more data is stored, their could still be traffic. This will go on a fair use policy basis.

    If you want to stay within the maximum though, you could do one or a combination of the following:

    • Only track specific devices, such as mobile. This could be configured in our monitoring, or you could do this in your (Google or Adobe) Tag Manager;
    • Manage your URL's in our tooling, setting samplingrates per group of pages or temporarily inactivate high-traffic pages.
  • As our monitoring knows when the maximum is reached, you will just get an alert in the console of your website, in your monitoring and by mail.

    In other words, you won't receive additional billing. Next to stored performance data, we will keep a close watch on the data traffic ourselves and inform you about this when the data storage versus data traffic ratio becomes too big.


  • Fortunately, you don't. Optimizing Core Web Vitals is mainly about optimizing your templates. Therefore you must add different templates such as the template of a PLP and PDP. We advice to choose the url with the most mobile traffic for each template, your homepage to begin with.

    Obviously, even equal templates or page types with the same technique could lead to different data due to a different set of users. For example a listing or product page with cheap products, and maybe expensive products. Always add a few URL's per template type.

    Hesitating about your setup? Don't mind reaching out, as we are happy to think along.