Ad blocker status

When using ads, you might want to measure the impact of ads without really removing your ads for all users. To achieve this, you could do A/B testing and using our custom dimensions, or enable ad blocking tracking in the track & block snippet configuration.

The latter is the simplest. In this case, we will perform a Google ads and ad slot check. To prevent our own JS from impacting performance, this will only be done once per user per session within the same tab/window.

To prevent our own RUM from being blocked, this test will be done by loading yet another file, called ads.js. This file will perform a Google ads and ad slot check.


By using this dimension, you can filter and compare accordingly. The possible values can be found below. Do note that some browsers (Opera and Brave) are equipped with their own built-in ad blockers.

test blocked

Our main ads.js was blocked. As a result, no other tests could be performed.

If you're only seeing this value, then this ads.js test file likely is blocked by your website's Content Security Policy (CSP). Follow those steps to make this work.

If you're seeing this value but also other values, users likely are using a very restricted (built-in or plugin) ad blockers that is blocking files based on the filename alone. This would then mean that their ad blocker settings are very strict.

js blocked

While the ads.js file itself was loaded, the contents wasn't executed. This could only happen when there's a very strict built-in ad blocker that is scanning the contents of resources before executing.

adsbygoogle blocked

Only the adsbygoogle file was blocked:

Do note that this could also happen on sites with a strict Content Security Policy. If you're seeing this for all pages, then your CSP is likely blocking this adsbygoogle test.

If so, you could choose to allow this file to get even more insights, but adding it isn't necessary.

adslot blocked

While Google Ads was not blocked, embedding an inline ad slot was actually blocked.

both blocked

Both Google Ads file and the attempt of embedding an inline ad slot was blocked.

not blocked

Nothing was blocked.