Device memory

A type of computer memory that provides short-term storage for data that the device is currently using, allowing for fast access and manipulation. Such memory is wiped clean when the device is turned off.

We are tracking this information via the device memory API. Read more about the privacy implications of tracking the device memory.

Device memories

There's typically a correlation between the device memory of a user's device and responsiveness issues. The corresponding metric is the Interaction to Next Paint (INP).

  • 1024 (1GB) & 2048 (2GB)
    Devices in this category are considered low-end devices and typically result in poor INP.
  • 4096 (4GB)
    Devices in this category are considered mid-end devices typically result in moderate to poor INP.
  • 8192 (8GB)
    Devices in this category are considered high-end devices is expected to result in good INP.

The fact that it´s more likely that users on low end devices are having worse INP should not be a reason to stop optimizing for those users.

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We published a blogpost on how device capabilities might impact your site speed and also collaborated with Google on an article covering the correlation between device memory and INP amongst other INP and LoAF findings.