CDN location

You can view data per CDN location by using the CDN location dimension that is part of the geography category filters. CDN location values represent the location of the server which was the last server in the chain of delivering HTML pages of your website.

This filter will only show when country tracking is enabled for a specific domain AND CDN location is exposed via either response headers or server timing.
A geopraphy panel will then also become available for that domain.

SaaS webshops will often use CDN services without knowing. Other might have decided to put a CDN server in front of their webshop. This is often done for either security or web performance reasons (or both). If you're in the process if picking a CDN provider, head over to to view each of their services and compare CDN providers.

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Performance issues could happen anywhere. Your platform, your server, the frontend, but even anything in between. For example your caching strategy, your CDN provider, and the latency that is being involved.

Diving into numbers per CDN location can help to draw conclusions regarding your caching strategy. If it's more effective from one CDN location, but not from another one, then you know you would need to start improving your cache hit ratio per CDN location.


Below is a screenshot showing varying TTFB numbers per country. Not shown in the screenshot, but the overall TTFB value is 1265ms. But it's mainly non-European server locations that are having bigger issues, and are under performing compared with the rest. It's likely it is the result of latency in general as well as potentially cache hit ratio per CDN location.

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