You can view data per country by using the country dimension that is part of the geography category filters.

This filter will only show when country tracking is enabled for a specific domain.
A geopraphy panel will then also become available for that domain.

When using the country dimension, you will see the values of the viewed metric, per country.


To improve the performance of your website, try identifying experiences per country and which countries are underperforming compared to other countries. For example, when the sum of visitors from underperforming countries is lying at or beyond your 75th percentile, it will directly impact your Core Web Vitals.

When visitors from such countries are important for conversion as well, you've got even more reason to optimize for visitors from those countries.

the URL that is causing the issue and apply filters to pinpoint the specific problem. This will help you focus your efforts and address the root cause of the issue.


Below is a screenshot showing varying LCP numbers per country. Not shown in the screenshot, but the overall LCP value is 2169ms. But it's mainly visitors from India and Philippines that are having an moderate experience. To be more precise, 37% to 49% worse than the overall experience of 2169ms, while other countries are performing way better (21% to 38%).

However, given the portion of visitors from each country, you still want to optimize for each one of them to increase both your SEO and conversion.

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