Your start with filters

Filters are the key feature of any monitoring solution. They will allow you to dive deep into your data and -by filtering- will prevent you from looking at skewed outcomes.

However, RUMvision offers many filters and many metrics. It offers more by default than other solutions, which could potentially mean you would need to analyze a lot of information. We addressed this overwhelming challenge in our user interface.

The right filters to use

For example, when using our technical dashboard, we already highlight the dimensions that are most useful with that metric. You can still use other filters, but we greyed them out as our experience is telling us that you aren't likely to find any correlations between those greyed out filters and the metric you're currently analyzing.

in this screenshot, we can see how "query string" and "page language" are greyed out as it won't make sense to dive into them when analysing the LCP.

Additionally, we already picked the best matching filter per metric. As long as you don't overrule the filters, you'll be on auto-pilot and we will jump to the filter with the highest correlation when switching from one metric to another. This will help users that are new to RUMvision to already get huge value out of monitoring data.

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