Origin trials

When it comes to web browsers, origin trials are set up by browser engineers to try out new features. Origin trials could be considered a pre-phase where developers and other stakeholders (web platform specialists, RUM providers) are able to try out new features and give feedback on usability, practicality, and effectiveness to the web standards community.

Soft navigations is one example of an origin trial (and still is in origin trial at time of writing).

Participating in origin trials

To be able to experiment with them, you would either need to register for each individual origin trial or enable them in our browser settings:

  • Enabling them in your browser settings means that you only get to experiment of collect data during your own pagehits, equal to lab data;
  • Participating in origin trials via a metatag token enables you to collect them across all your visitors using that browser, equal to field data.

Continue reading about origin trials

On our website, you can find multiple blog articles covering and mentioning origin trials in more detail: