Page Experience ranking signal

The Page Experience ranking signal is the signal that included the Core Web Vitals. It's important to note that it isn't the only factor that is part of the Page Experience ranking signal. Core Web Vitals is one of multiple, perfectly illustrated in the image below:

Next to Core Web Vitals, a site should also meet other factors to perform well for the Page Experience ranking signal. Amongst them:

  • Mobile Friendly
    Your webpages should be mobile friendly. This involves links and buttons not being too small to reach and click, content that isn't breaking the small viewport, et cetera.
    Your webpages and its contents should be served over secure connections
  • No Intrusive Interstitials
    Your webpages should not have page elements that obstruct users' view of the content, usually for promotional purposes

Part of ranking systems

There has been doubts about pagespeed being part of Google ranking systems. But by embedding Core Web Vitals into the Page Experience ranking signal, it's now a fact (though a fact amongst many other ranking signals).

Roll out dates are as following:

Interesting fact is that Google postponed the roll out due to COVID-19, allowing site-owners more time to work on improving user experience:

We recognize many site owners are rightfully placing their focus on responding to the effects of COVID-19

The status of both your Core Web Vitals and Page Experience ranking signal can be found in Google Search Console. Real User Monitoring will help to actually find and troubleshoot causes, enabling site owners to fix them and improve their Core Web Vitals.

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