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Once you have added competitors to your account, you can track them in the competitor module. Here you can see how your competitors have performed on the Core Web Vitals and other page speed metrics over the past 6 months. The data comes from the CrUX report. So it takes 28 days before you see fresh data.

Because we display data back up to 6 months, we use the CrUX History API.

Core Web Vitals competitors

The image above shows how your competitors rank on three Core Web Vitals and three other page speed metrics. You can toggle between mobile and desktop mode, as well as origin (all URLs with sufficient data combined) and homepage. You also see the overall UX score of the competitors. The list is ranked from high to low.

When you go to "compare" in the navigation you will see a timeline. Here you can exclude certain competitors, but also zoom in more on how much things have improved or deteriorated.