Core Web Vitals

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The Core Web Vitals dashboard is the second dashboard in RUMvision and organizes your real user data per individual Core Web Vital. You can select whether you want to view desktop data, mobile data, or tablet data, and select a time range of which you want to see the monitored data. You can also change your percentile, by default this is set to the 80th.

A screenshot of the Core Web Vitals slider with the data range, percentile, and what device you're looking at

To get started, you first have to select the Core Web Vital that you want to see the data of. Once you have done so, you will see a short explanation of what the selected Core Web Vital entails and the overall score your website receives on that Core Web Vital. You can also see the score of the competitors that you’ve added.


In the timeline you can see how your website performs on the selected Web Vital metric over time. Below that, will also give you short comments on what is happening during the selected time range.

At the left, you will see a short description, explaining what this metric is. This is accompanied with two hyperlinks:

Core Web Vitals per template

We also organize the scores of the Core Web Vitals per template. Here you can see what templates are scoring good, moderate, or poor on the selected Core Web Vital. When you hoover over the different templates you can see how many pageviews that template receives and the percentage of the total pageviews it amounts.

Distribution summary

Lastly, you can see a distribution summary of your websites pageviews. So, it will show you what percentages of users is having a good, moderate, or poor experience on your website, based on the selected Web Vital metric. This distribution moves along with the amount of pageviews your website or a certain template receives.