Adding competitors

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With RUMvision, you're able to also see how your competitors are performing and compare how you're doing.

Based on CrUX data

Thanks to Google's CrUX history API, everyone can see data from other websites. Competitors included, and it goes back as far back as 6 months.

When we talk about Core Web Vitals, this is something you should keep track of as an SEO or product owner. But when looking at this data keep in mind that:

  • It is 28 days behind;
  • It is data from either the entire website or homepage in one pile;
  • Only logged-in Google Chrome users;
  • No insight into why in a page performs poorly.

Competitor overview

Nevertheless, you can see if your competitors are working on optimising their website speed, all together in one dashboard.

Competitors core web vitals

You can track a number of competitors depending on your subscription. Insert the URL into the competitors module, and once this site has enough data, you can see how they rank on the metrics.

Details and compare

From the full overview, you can either navigate to compare to compare all competitors per metric in a more detailed view.

Or you can navigate to the details of a specific domain. You will then get to see the same UI, but with all metrics listed per domain, instead of one metric for all domains.

Receiving notifications

Ready to receive notifications for your competitors (and maybe your own domain). Install one of our integrated apps and be sure to enable "Competitors" in your notification settings.