Invite users

Chances are you are working with a team on web performance and Core Web Vitals or an external party is involved in this process. In that case, you might want to invite others to join your pagespeed optimization journey.

Did you actually receive a RUMvision invitation send by someone else? Continue reading at our registration on invitation section.

You can add an unlimited amount of users to your domain. This is how to add users:

  1. Go to manage users.
  2. Click on add user.
  3. Enter their e-mail addres and which organization they work for (you can create one for them).
  4. And what permissions you want them to have.

adding users rumvision

When someone is not part of your organisation

If the user you are adding is not part of your organization you can have a new organization created for this person immediately upon adding. This makes it easy to transfer subscriptions in the future, but also ensures that the user cannot access your administrative items such as invoices.

Inviting users regularly or working with users that only need temporary access? You can apply enddates to accounts per domain.

When you add a new user click on the organization dropdown and scroll to the top to create a new organization for the domain you're currently on. This user will then be linked to this organization.