No (metric) data

If you did not install the snippet yet, be sure to start there. We are only able to collect detailed data when the RUMvision snippet is installed.

No data at all

When not seeing any data at all, you can try the following:

  • wait a bit more
    It can take 3 to 10 minutes before data is coming in. If you just installed the snippet, you might need to wait for new traffic;
  • add (more) URLs
    Maybe visitors haven't navigated to pages that are meeting your page rules. Try adding more page(rule)s.
  • check your filters.
    You might have dateranges or filters configured from analysing another domain.
    You can either clear filters or start in a new tab or window. This will reset your filters;
  • check a different device
    Maybe someone did not visit your pages on the chosen device yet. Be sure to check both desktop and mobile traffic to confirm that there is no data for both.
  • Check the network tab
    If you still don't see data, the snippet might not have been installed propperly.
    Use DevTools to check the network tab and search for our rum file.

If the above isn't leading to an answer, feel free to reach out.

No data for certain metrics

It is important to know that RUM providers will typically collect experiences from all browsers. However, not all browsers are collecting the same data.

So, if you are mainly receiving traffic from Safari or FireFox, you won't see any CLS, LCP and INP data as those metrics are only avaiblable in Chromium browsers: Google Chrome, Edge and Opera.

Firefox now supports LCP since version 122. See release notes.

Additionally, not every metric is happening on all pageviews.

In those cases, be sure to wait a bit longer.