Our snippet settings are preset to track everything important, but you can turn something on or off. When you change the snippet settings, you also see how many bytes are added to your snippet. So you have control over the size of the snippet.

Snippet version

New sites should start at the newest version, which is V3. We have a few users left that joined us in our V2 phase that are still running on V2. With this toggle, we are offering sites the possibility to upgrade whenever it fits their schedule.

What you want to track

If you have an enterprise subscription, you can also use JavaScript warning and error logging.

Single Page Application (SPA):

If your site is a have a Progressive Web App or Single Page Application in general, we will use the new soft-navigation timing entry (Chrome only).

If you are running an SPA and want to track TTFB as well, we advice you to continue reading over at our SPA & soft-navs section.