Track and block


There are several options with things you want to track. For example, by default we track mobile, desktop and tablet. However, many websites have little tablet traffic so you could turn these off.

Ignore traffic

Should you have a lot of bot traffic on your website, you can exclude it so that you only see the experience of your actual visitors without it being skewed by bots.

Browser detection

By default, we’re only doing modern and thus quick browser detection, but you can enable advanced options.

Additional tracking

All parameters will be tracked, but only keys, in order to protect privacy. You can control settings for your country, page language, and user behavior.

When you enable 'Additional parameters', the following fields become visible. At a minimum, you must provide the keys whose query string values you wish to track. These will then be available as a new dimension in your domain's dashboard.

Custom query string values

You can specify exact keys to also collect their associated values. Be sure to never use keys that could contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Identify and anonymize PII data

"PII may still be added to certain parameters (often UTM) by other parties, such as marketing or third-party entities. We recommend replacing any potential PII with expressions relevant to your activities and audience. Email addresses automatically include a primary identifier.