Account security

There are different ways and settings to secure your account.

Login process

Strong password

RUMvision applies certain rules and forms where you can provide a new password, accompanied by password strength indicators. For example, during registration and when editing your password.

Overall, we encourage you to always choose a strong password to make it as difficult as possible for unauthorized individuals to access your account.

Remember email

When the "remember email" checkbox is enabled upon successful login, we will remember your email address and avatar within the same browser. This speeds up the login process for future logins as you only need to provide your password.

To enhance the security of your account, only enable this checkbox on devices where you are the only person with access.

Two factor authentication

Either you or the domain owner can enforce the use of two-factor authentication. Read more about enabling 2FA in our profile security section. Upon login, we will then prompt a Two-Factor Authentication form.

Trusted browsers

After logging in, you might encounter a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) form. Here, you can choose to trust your current device and browser. We'll then remember your 2FA settings for a set period.

However, you may still be prompted to enter 2FA in certain situations:

  • When the trusted browser duration expires.
  • When requesting a new password (all 2FA instances will be cleared).
  • After logging out during your last session on the same device and browser (depending on your security settings).
  • You have the ability to manage and remove trusted browsers.

Please be cautious and limit trusted browsers to devices only you have access to, preferably using their own 2FA process.

Lost your 2FA?

If you lose access to your 2FA, ask a colleague who has access to your account to visit this help center page and follow the instructions to reset it.

Once reset, you'll need to set up a new 2FA for domains where it's enforced.

Resetting a user's 2FA

If a colleague loses access to their 2FA, as a site owner, you may be asked to reset it. However, always verify such requests to ensure security. Here's how to reset a user's 2FA:

As a site owner, a colleague might reach out to you when they lose access to their 2FA. Below describes how to reset their 2FA, forcing that user to register a new one upon logging in.

Never blindly trust such requests. Always confirm that the user who is reaching out is indeed who they claim to be, either by confirming via a different channel or in person.

With user access rights, navigate to the user listing of a domain. Over there, you can access the "Security" section in the user's dropdown options.

Navigate to the Two-Factor Authentication panel. You will find a toggle that should be selected. Submit the form to confirm and apply this action.

Notify the user that they can log in again.

Verify password

Performing the above action needs to be confirmed by re-entering your current password.

Login history

We offer an overview of successful and failed login attempts in recent history.