PII data

While our monitoring script is not tracking personal identifiable information (PII), our application is like to store some of your PII data as described below.

E-mail address

When registering your account or inviting other users, you'll end up using an e-mail address to allow yourselves or others to login. When such e-mail addresses contain first and/or lastnames, it could be categorized as PII data.


We allow users to provide us with a direct link to an image. To prevent us from hotlinking to those image, such image will then be stored locally. We do this to prevent us from leaking information such as IP-addresses and browser information to servers that are hosting the original image.

Avatar visibility

When you provided an avatar, it will be accompanied with your account details across the application. It will only be visible by users that have access to listings such as logs, annotations and users where user information is shown. 

If you want prevent your avatar from becoming visible across such pages, you can disable the visibility of your avatar within your profile settings.

Your avatar on login pages

When the "remember e-mail" option is enabled when logging in, a link to that image is saved in your browser only. Additionally, the link itself does not contain PII data.