Monitoring made
quick & easyfor everyone

Within 10 minutes of sign-up, you will see real-time user insights on your dashboard. With just a simple GTM snippet.

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How to start gathering real-time
insights within minutes

We simplified the hard part: getting started. No hassle with developers, complicated configurations or tricky queries to gather data or your website users. Just one snippet and you're done!

  • Register

    When you want real-time Core Web Vitals data of your website

  • Install the snippet

    Via a tag manager or in the head section of your website

    • Copy, download or share your snippet via a public link
    • Add the snippet to your website
  • Select URL's to track

    Choose exact URL's or use regular expressions and CSS selectors

    • Select your most important pages and/or templates
    • Give them a label such as: product-detail or category.

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  • Made for you

    Easy to get started

    • Sign up with RUMvision

      Simply register your email address, password and homepage url. Additional URLs can be added later.

    • Download your own snippet

      After registration you will immediately get the opportunity to download your snippet. You can add it either via HTML, or via Google (or adobe)Tag Manager

  • Simple and safe

    Embed your snippet

    • Paste your snippet into GTM

      Paste the generated code in the HTML source code of your website or implement it using (Google) Tag Manager by using tag type Custom HTML and Page View as trigger.

    • Safe and privacy compliant to implement

      Our script will regulate itself based on pages that you submitted, which means you can safely implement it on all pages. It's GDPR compliant, hosted in the EU and no PII is being tracked.

  • Start speeding up

    Begin your monitoring

    • Real data insights in minutes

      When your snippet is added correctly, you'll get an email as soon as we see the data coming in. Often this is within 15 minutes! Of course, enough data needs to be collected to gather a good sample size to draw conclusions, this is typically 24 hours later

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RUMvision works on every platform:


What's next? You can learn how to monitor using RUMvision, learn about SUX, read all about our extensive features or read our frequently asked questions.

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