Field data allows
you to lookat real users

Why bother with tracking lab data? Real users, conditions and their experiences is want you want to know!

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  • Best data available

    Monitor real users

    Most pagespeed toolings, including Google's Lighthouse, use lab-data. Not us, we track your own customers.

    • Get insights in the UX of all your visitors
    • Know if deployments had good results
    • Monitor third-party influences
    • Don't fall behind your competitors

  • Get the most out of SUX

    Field data

    Every time a person loads one of your pages, field data is captured in the browser. Your website's code collects performance measurements and sends them to your server. This is also known as real-time monitoring (RUM).

    • Unlimited options
    • Device and browser
    • User location
    • Network connection

  • Take things to another level

    Value of field data

    My lab data looks amazing. And then my field data, because my users are located at the other end of the world, looks terrible.

    • Not synthethic, compared to lab data
    • Get to know where to improve
    • Decide the workload of your website
    • Improve for real users, increase revenue