Find pagespeed optimizations

With the use of RUMvision, we can find out for each metrics where the bottlenecks are and possible areas for improvement.

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Find pagespeed optimizations with RUMvision

With our monitoring and analyzing filters, you can go on indefinitely monitoring user experience and where potential areas for improvement are.

Largest Contentful Paint by page template

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  • How to optimize the Largest Contentful Paint

    Use filters and dimensions to find out what causes a high LCP.

    • Which element is the Largest Contentful Paint
    • Which element type is the LCP? (image, div, p, h1)
    • See which viewports have impact on the LCP
    • LCP by internet speed (visitor footprint)

  • How to optimize the First Input Delay?

    Use our monitoring metrics to see how many people are on a low-end device and thus have a worse FID.

    • On what templates is high FID experienced?
    • How many users come in on a slow device with little memory?
    • How much impact does low memory have on FID?
    • Find out if there are optimization possibilities

  • How to optimize Cumulative Layout Shift?

    Do your visitors experience layout shifts on your website, increasing the likelihood of bounce?

    • See on which templates layout shifts occur and whether it is a trend
    • Use filters per template to see which metric element is causing the CLS.
    • Dive into the code to find out what's causing it (no fixed width and height, for example).
    • Adjust this, add an annotation and see the improvement in the timeline