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Get the Core Web Vitals, which Google uses to measure how well your website works, from your real users in real-time.

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Why Core Web Vitals are important

The Core Web Vitals (CWV) are a way for Google to measure how real people are using your site and show you what they are seeing. We all know that websites that take too long to load are annoying and hurt sales. Core Web Vitals gives us a way to keep an eye on their experience. The bad news is that it's always 28 days late. What does it actually measure? And why should you want to monitor in real time instead?

Loading time (LCP)

How long do your website's visitors have to wait before they can see something?

Interactivity (FID)

How long until your website's visitors can perform an action?

Visual stability (CLS)

Will the website that they see remain steady while it loads, or will it shift?

Interaction to Next Paint becomes a Core Web Vital in march 2024 

How to measure your Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are field data. This means that they are collected from your real users, in a large database called the Chrome UX Report (CrUX). Often people use Pagespeed insights to get their insights in their Core Web Vitals. When checking your CWV, you will see your sites results on Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) First Input Delay (FID), Cumulative Lay-out Shift (CLS), First Contentful Paint (FCP), Interaction to Next Paint (INP) and Time To First Byte (TTFB). Only LCP, INP (replacing FID as of March 2024) and CLS matter in your scoring. (Check our Core Web Vitals Glossary for an answer what all these words mean 😉)

The definitive result is quite easy: you either pass or fail your Core Web Vitals.


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RUMvision's free site speed UX tools

We love CruX! We use its dataset to provide you with two free options for tracking your current and historical Core Web Vitals.You can easily check your users' real-world experiences by simply entering your domain.

  • Check your UX score

    Get a score between 0 and 100 for your user experience based on the Core Web Vitals.

  • Core Web Vitals history

    View the performance of the Core Web Vitals on your website over the last 6 months.

  • ROI checker

    Use our Return On Investment calculator to convince the right stakeholders of what's possible with a faster website.

The disadvantage of these free versions is that when your developers make significant changes to your site, these insights are 28 days behind. That's why we also provide real-time user monitoring!

How can I fail CWV with a green Lighthouse score?

Interesting fact: when talking about site speed and Core Web Vitals, you often find reports and marketing bragging about their perfect green Lighthouse scores. These numbers  do not mattertowards your Core Web Vitals. They are based on lab-data and are just a easy way for developers to investigate some issues. These numbers are also easy to fake. So, to clear this up once and for all: 

Field data = the only metric that matters towards Core Web Vitals and your real UX.

RUMvision Core Web Vitals tab that shows the real-time Core Web Vitals of your website and different template. Also an explanation of each metric and how your set competitors are scoring on it.



Look: we do understand you want to brag about a green score, and if Lighthouse isn't trustworthy, then what? Introducing: your UX-score. 1 score, based on all your users experiences , instead of 1 device in a lab.

Get your free Core Web Vitals UX score

"We strongly recommend that sites set up their own real-user monitoring."

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Real time monitoring  of your Core Web Vitals

RUMvision offers you real-time monitoring that lets you see how your visitors are experiencing your website's Core Web Vitals + 27 other site speed metrics. Just add the snippet to your site via GTM or in the head, and voila! You'll get unique insights into your audience's experience. This means your developers can also quickly troubleshoot any issues that arise after deployments, helping you to improve your site's user experience in no time. No more guesswork or waiting 28 days.

RUMvision delivers real-time insights within minutes!

  • Observe & analyze

    No guesswork, track all your pages & templates

    All features

  • Improve UX

    Essential solution for (eCommerce) websites who want happy users.

    • Easily spot quickwins & bottlenecks
    • Monitor releases by making an annotation, and see if your users' UX improved
    • Compare the pagespeed and UX of up to 15 competitors

    Prices start at €95/month

  • Easy setup

    Real user insights within minutes, GDPR proof and without PII

    • No need for coding or custom queries
    • Simply add our snippet into your GTM/head
    • Dashboards for developers, product owners & SEO

    Insights within minutes

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Tips, tricks and advice on optimizing your Core Web Vitals

There is a lot to know about optimizing and monitoring the UX and Core Web Vitals of your website. Luckily, we love to write about it!